Thank you for completing the Problem Quiz

Your Problem Score shows you’re
About to Cross the Line!

You have convinced yourself that your needs aren’t as important as others – be careful of what you wish for!

Here’s what you may be thinking right now…

  • Achievement is not always what it’s cracked up to be – sometimes it can be a disappointment
  • Perhaps what used to work for you no longer does, and you’re now questioning it a lot more than before which can be uncomfortable
  • Fun activities are now becoming riskier particularly if the wrong people find out about your ‘problem’
  • You may be jeopardising key relationships which you would rather maintain and possibly feel conflicted about that
  • There’s a part of you that wants to do ‘the right’ thing but there’s also a part of you that doesn’t – the tension is a distraction

Here’s what you can do to make some POSITIVE changes

  • Ask yourself what you’re avoiding or hoping to gain, and break it down into chunks on how you can deal with it in smaller pieces, so it doesn’t stay in the ‘too hard’ basket.
  • Reflect on your ‘problem’ and ask yourself what prompted you to start. Was it to belong, feel good, or to be enough,or something else? How can you achieve it in another way?
  • Working long hours can make getting enough sleep difficult. Try and arrange your days according to your energy and prioritise sleep with a wind-down activity like taking a shower or meditation.
  • Reflect back on why you do what you do. Is it still providing you with what you thought it would or do you need to re-frame or change what you do to make it easier to be healthy?

Repeat this process until you feel your ‘problem’ is where you’d like it to to be.