Thank you for completing the Stress Quiz

Your Stress Score shows you’re Middle of the Road!

You have a bit of a ‘love-hate’ relationship with stress which at times means your responses can be unpredictable!

Here’s how STRESS might be getting in your way

  • While you enjoy being flexible it does make planning challenging and it can feel chaotic at times
  • A challenge for you may be how you manage your combined energy and commitments for the day, week and month
  • Being busy makes it hard to recognise how you feel particularly when you’re tired
  • You could be experimenting with stress-reduction strategies and not yet settled on the ones you want to adopt
  • You may still be hearing that voice every now and again that wants the best for you, but isn’t particularly motivating

Here’s what you can do to leverage your STRESS to further SUPPORT YOU!

  • Consider what you have to do in your day and plan how you can have the energy for those activities so you can respond how you would like to in each situation.
  • Reflect on the activities you do daily and perhaps put them all together as part of a daily routine to start and end your day. This will help you organise your time and signal ‘starts’ and ‘ends’ to your day.
  • Ask yourself if you take on too much and if you perhaps need the support of someone else to share the load. Activities can be more fun if they are done with someone else rather than alone.
  • Remember, your breath is your friend. Whenever you need it – breathe deeply and savour the increased oxygen to your body and brain. Use the newfound clarity to make better decisions.

Repeat this process until you feel you are where your REALLY want to be.