Thank you for completing the Problem Quiz

Your Problem Score shows you’re
Going through a Phase!

You have a bit of  a love-hate relationship with yourself and recognising what’s best for you can be hard

There could be a number of reasons for your ‘phase’

  • Noticing is the first step to making a change – now is your chance to decide what it is you REALLY want
  • Being busy makes it difficult to recognise what you really need to help yourself – often it isn’t the quickest solution that’s best
  • Being tired makes it challenging to see a variety of perspectives and make good decisions
  • Your ‘phase’ could mean it’s time to upgrade or spring clean your stress-reduction strategies
  • Sometimes ‘phases’ help us get through tough stuff – what tough stuff are you trying to get through?

Here’s what you can do if you want to make some POSITIVE changes

  • Reflect on how you would like to behave and feel. Identify if you need new skills or strategies and find someone you can enlist to help you with your goal.
  • Ask yourself what you’re avoiding or trying to create, and break it down into chunks so you can deal with it in smaller pieces, so it doesn’t stay in the ‘too hard’ basket.
  • Challenge yourself if you take on too much, and if perhaps you need the support of someone else to share the load. Activities can be more fun if they are done with someone else rather than alone.
  • Remember, your breath is your friend. Whenever you need it – breathe deeply and savour the increased oxygen to your body and brain. Wait 15 minutes and use your newfound clarity to make a better decision for yourself.

Repeat this process until you feel your ‘problem’ is where you’d like to to be.