Thank you for completing the Stress Quiz

Your Stress Score shows you’re a Class Act!

While you seldom feel stressed, you could be hiding from greatness and not even know it!

Here’s how STRESS might be holding you back

  • You’re likely to feel quite comfortable with where you are at in life. Is it time for a challenge in one or more areas?
  • Your stress management strategies seem to be working well for you. Check in – are you burying your stress or are you processing it?
  • You’ve found what works for you and you’re sticking to them. You may be concerned your strategies are making you seem inflexible and boring.
  • You are likely the ‘go-to’ person when things get tough. Are you saying ‘Yes’ when you should be saying ‘No’ and regretting it?
  • You know how to take care of you. Are you able to recognise when others need to learn to take care of themselves?

Your strategies are working, showing you have capacity for more…

  • Conduct a Life Audit by reviewing your goals in each area of your life. Consider in which areas you would like to dream bigger, write them down and GO FOR IT!
  • Ask trusted people from various areas of your life of their impression of you. Compare what you hear with what you would’ve like to hear. The feedback shows where you can make adjustments.
  • Consider the tasks you have not yet started or completed. Decide if they are still relevant and if so, make plans to complete them either alone or with others.
  •  It is often said we are the average of our 5 closest friends or colleagues. Consider your friends and colleagues, are you comfortable with the average of the two groups?

Repeat this process until you feel you are where your REALLY want to be.